300-Level Courses

Management Courses that Qualify for 300 Level Electives in Concentration Areas. ® means that the course is required in concentration area.

Course Name Course # Accounting Finance Management Marketing Aviation
Labor Relations MGMT0301   X ® X  
Small Bus. Mgmt.MGMT0302XXXX 
Intro to EconometricsMGMT0305XXXX 
Managerial AccountingMGMT0304 XXX  
Distribution ManagementMGMT0306 XX® 
Mktg. Research TechniquesMGMT0307 XX® 
Org. Development & BehaviorMGMT0308X ®X 
Sales & Sales ManagementMGMT0309 XX® 
Federal Income TaxationMGMT0310®XX  
AuditingMGMT0311 ®XX  
InvestmentsMGMT0312 X®XX 
Collective BargainingMGMT0313  X  
Human Resource Mgmt. MGMT0314  X  
Intermediate Accounting IMGMT0315®X   
Intermediate Accounting IIMGMT0316®X   
Cost AccountingMGMT0317®XXX 
Adv. Managerial FinanceMGMT0318X®XX 
Portfolio AnalysisMGMT0319X XX  
Money & BankingMGMT0320/ ECON0300X®XX 
Management Information Sys.MGMT0321 XX®  
Corporate TaxationMGMT0322 XX   
Commercial Pilot Ground SchoolMGMT0323    X
Commercial Pilot Flight TrainingMGMT0324    X
Insurance Risk ManagementMGMT0326XXXX 
Small Business Institute MGMT0327XXXX 
Principles of AdvertisingMGMT0328  XX 
Advanced AccountingMGMT0331XX   
Fundamentals of RetailingMGMT0336  XX 
Consumer BehaviorMGMT0337 XXX 
Special Topics:MGMT0350XXXX 
Resort ManagementMGMT0353  XX 
Aviation Internship(6 hour minimum required) MGMT0397    X
Business Internship*MGMT0398XXXX 
Independent Study**MGMT0399XXXX 

*Not more than 3 credits may be applied as a concentration elective. Additional internship credits count as general electives.
**Disney courses may not be applied as concentration electives. All Disney courses count as general elective credit only.