Student Handbook        Student Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to assist students in an orderly transition to college life as a major in the Department of Economics and Management and to encourage students' academic success. In fulfilling these objectives, the handbook reviews the curriculum requirements for chosen majors and concentrations, explores the various alternate avenues available, and discusses time constraints and other requirements.

Table of contents

Economics and Management Faculty

Mission and Curriculum



The Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Economics Courses

The Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Recomended Course Sequence

Business Courses that Qualify for 300 Level Electives in Concentration Areas.

Current Management Courses and Prerequisites

Business Minor

List of Recommended Courses or Areas of Study that Could be Helpful to the Management Major or Minor

Management Courses

Common Core (Westfield State College)

Teacher Certification Program

Other Information

Economics and Management Department Clubs

Department Chair, Coordinators, and Club Advisors

Graduation Requirements

Academic Retention and Probation Policy

Alternative Educational Opportunities

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Division of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education

Independent Study/Course by Special Arrangement

Practicum, Internship and Co-Operative Education

Small Business Institute (SBI)

Commonwealth Transfer Compact

New Major Requirement - Business - Westfield State College

Summary of Validation Options - Each Option is Mutually Exclusive

Questions and Answers