Internships            Internship Manual

Practicum, Internship and Co-Operative Education

Students in good academic standing are eligible for Practicum, Internship, or Co-operative Education placement if they meet the departmental requirements for such placement. No more than 15 academic credits combined of Practicum, Internship, or Co-operative Education may be applied toward graduation.

Guidelines for Internships

What is an Internship?

An internship is a supervised learning experience for which no compensation can be received. It involves an agreement among the student, faculty coordinator and host supervisor to establish learning goals, determine activities and evaluate the learning experience through the "hands-on" application of the student's academic interest. All internships should run at least 12 weeks to provide time for the documentation of the experience through the intern's final paper.


Internships are meant to provide work experience involving observed implementation of principles and practices of one's academic or professional specialization. Accordingly, internships must involve applications of principles and/or methods associated with one or more course designations of the Department or its programs. Internships are offered in the following areas: Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Economics.

For the student, an internship can provide:

  • opportunities to apply various types of previously learned knowledge and skills in a practical work environment;
  • opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills;
  • experience that promotes self-confidence, maturity, responsibility and the development of interpersonal skills;
  • preparation for an intelligent career choice; job experience which future employers require;
  • opportunities to provide service to others.

For the host agency, an internship can provide:

  • the ability to perform other research that is otherwise not feasible under budget constraints;
  • an opportunity to allow current staff members to dedicate time to more imperative needs;
  • exposure to new ideas.

Credit Equivalency:


Where can I learn about internship placements?

Information on specific placements is available from the Coordinator of Business Internships, . Internship candidates are assisted in securing placements on a local, regional, national and international basis. There are also a number of on-campus placements available through various cooperating agencies. In addition, to the fall and spring semesters, internships can be arranged for the January vacation and summer sessions. An Internship Handbook, which gives specific details, is available for download.

The Massachusetts Internship Office (Boston) provides certain support services in conjunction with the College.