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Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Aviation Management Concentration

Westfield State College offers a concentration in Aviation Management leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science. The program is designed to provide a foundation of liberal arts, combined with a major in Management and a Concentration in Flight or Aviation Management. Flight courses are taken at Five Star Flight Academy, located at Westfield-Barnes Airport. Five Star Flight Academy is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 141 approved flight school.

The Aviation Management program prepares students for a variety of aviation related careers by combining liberal arts, management pedagogy, and flight proficiency. Students will be qualified for careers in general management as well as aviation management.

Who is Five Star Flight Academy?

Five Star Flight Academy is an FAA approved Part 141 Flight School providing Flight Instruction (from Private to Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), Single and Multiengine Aircraft, Biennial Flight Reviews, Wings Program, and CATS testing. You're always welcome to stop in and view their facilities, meet their staff of qualified flight instructors and certified mechanics, or just enjoy the airport environment! You are invited to contact Michael Foy or Stephen Hayden 413-568-5800 or the coordinator of aviation at Westfield State College to arrange a visit and introductory flight.

Academic Credit for Flight Training

Once a student matriculates at Westfield State College, all flying associated with the degree program must be done at a currently approved flight school associated with the college.

Students applying to the program are eligible for transfer credit as outlined in FAR Part 141 regulations. Students seeking transfer credit should contact the Aviation Coordinator in the Management Department at Westfield State College.

Ground School Training

The amount of ground school training accepted by the College is determined solely by the Aviation Coordinator.

Generally, recent FAA Part 141 Ground Schools, conducted at recognized colleges, and showing on a student college transcript, will be granted full credit. Other training may be partially acceptable depending on many factors, including, but not limited to, hour content, date of study, formal classroom content, and student's ability to document their studies. Ground school training that does not meet college standards will require completion of the college ground school.

What happens if you decide Aviation is not the career you want?

The program at Westfield State College consists of a strong liberal arts core foundation, with a Major in Business Management. Consequently, if you enter the college and then decide not to pursue a career in aviation you can complete the Major in Business Management with one of our other concentrations: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, or Management.

You want to fly, what benefit is it to have a degree in Business Management?

The degree in Business Management with a concentration in flight prepares the individual for many alternative career paths. This flexibility means security and opportunity in a future that is difficult to forecast.

A few things to consider before pursuing a program that is more narrowly focused than ours, such as an Aviation Science degree:

  • All commercial pilots must pass a Class A physical every six months. If at some time in the future an individual is unable to meet this requirement an alternative career might become a necessity.
  • The aviation industry, particularly the commercial airline industry, is cyclical. It expands and contracts with economic cycles. In addition, the industry is vulnerable to terrorism.

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