Student Academic Status Summary Sheet

Common CoreRequired Management CoursesOther
(40 Semester Hours)( 48 Semester Hours)(27 Semester Hours)
1. HumanitiesMgmt. Department Core1. Non-Mgmt. Required Courses
(18 Semester Hours)(33 Semester Hours)(6 Semester Hours)
a) English (6 hrs.)FreshmanENGL0103 Speech
ENGL0101 Eng. Comp. IMGMT0107 Software Appl. in Mgmt.ENGL0392 Bus/Technical Writing
ENGL0102 Eng. Comp. IISophomore
b) Lit./Phil. Analysis (6 hrs.)MGMT0104 Prin. of Acctg. I
________________________MGMT0105 Prin. of Acctg. II2. Electives
________________________MGMT0241 Business Law(21 hours)
2. Apprec. of the ArtsMGMT0231 Marketing Management1. ________________________
(6 Semester Hours)MGMT0250 Quan. App. to Bus. Dec.2. ________________________
________________________Junior3. ________________________
________________________MGMT0207 Financial Management4. ________________________
3. Social SciencesMGMT0220 Prod/Oper Mgmt.5. ________________________
(12 Semester Hours, 3 must be from U.S. Hist. & Govt.)MGMT0221 Business Management6. ________________________
a) U.S. Hist. & Govt. (3cr.)7. ________________________
b) Social Understanding (9cr.)Senior
ECON0101 Prin of MacroMGMT0325 Bus. Policy & Strategy
ECON0102 Prin of MicroMGMT0338 International Business
________________________* No more than four of the remaining
4. Math/Applied Analytical ReasoningConcentration Requirementsnine courses can be management courses
(6 semster hours)(15 semster hours)
MATH0108 Elem Stats1. ________________________
MATH0115 Math for Bus.2. ________________________*MGMT0101 Intro to Business cannot be taken
5. Science Section3 ________________________by Junior or Senior Managament Majors.
(& hrs., 4 from a lab science)4. ________________________
________________________5. ________________________
6. Diversity Section
(6 Semester Hours, 3 from each area)
a) Global: MGMT0338 International Business
b) United States ______________________