List of Recommended Courses or Areas of Study that Could be Helpful to the Management Major or Minor

  • All elective courses in Economics and Computer Science are recommended.
  • Any course qualifying for the Women's studies Minor or the Latin American Studies Minor
  • Proficiency in a Second Language
  • Any course focusing on the international environment
  • All writing courses
  • Specific Courses Recommended:
ART 0348 Portfolio Prep.
CRJU0207 Issues in Contemporary Security
CRJU0310 Organizations/White Collar Crime
ECON0212 Economics of Labor
ECON0218 International Economics
EDUC0358 Interpersonal Relations in Class
ENGLO203 English for Business Use
GARP0105 Introduction to Urban & Regional Planning
GARP0203 Economics Geography
GARP0323 Transportation
HIST0365 History/Urban and Regional Planning
MCOM0101 Introduction to Mass Communications
MCOM0203 Principles of Public Relations
MCOM0304 Mass. Media in Society
MCOM0307 Broadcast Law
MCOM0330 Broadcast Operations
MCOM0340 Org. Communications
PHIL0102 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL0103 Symbolic Logic I
POLS0209 International Relations
POLS0211 Comparative Foreign Policy
POLS0320 Politics of Budgeting
POLS0204 Introduction to Public Administration
POLS0318 Public Management Skills
PHYS0301 Microprocess Lecture/Lab
PSYC0200 Organization/Indust. Psychology
PSYC0205 Career Development
PSYC0304 Social Psychology
PSYC0312 Physio. Psychology
PSYC0313 Comparative Psychology
PSYC0318 Psychology of Interpersonal Rel./Comm.
PSYC0356 Psychology of Women
SOCI0324 Human Services: Planning/Organization
SOCI0311 Complex Organization
SOCI0323 Industrial Sociology
WSTP0101 Introduction to Women's Studies
WSTP0201 Women in Modern Organizations