Management Courses Student Sequence By Academic Year

MGMT0101Introduction to Businessfso
MGMT0104**Principles of Accounting I so
MGMT0105**Principles of Accounting II so
MGMT0106Introduction to Management Accountingj
MGMT0107*Software Applications in Management f
MGMT0205Fund Accountingjs
MGMT0207Financial Management j
MGMT0210Business Data Proc. Applications so
MGMT0220Production/Operations Management j
MGMT0221Business Management j
MGMT0224Sys. Theory/Management/Economics j
MGMT0231Marketing Managementj
MGMT0241Business Law I so
MGMT0242Business Law II sojs
MGMT0250Quantitative Approaches to Business Decisions j s
MGMT0301Labor Relations j s
MGMT0302Small Business Management js
MGMT0303 Office Management Research Techniquesf js
MGMT0304Managerial Accountingjs
MGMT0306Distribution Management s
MGMT0307Marketing Research Techniques s
MGMT0308Organizational Development and Behavior j
MGMT0309Sales and Sales Management s
MGMT0310Federal Income Taxation s
MGMT0311Auditing s
MGMT0312Investments s
MGMT0313Collective Bargaining s
MGMT0314Human Resource Management s
MGMT0315Intermediate Accounting I j
MGMT0316Intermediate Accounting II j
MGMT0317Cost Accounting s
MGMT0318Advanced Managerial Finance s
MGMT0319Portfolio Analysis s
MGMT0320Money and Banking s
MGMT0300Money and Banking s
MGMT0321Management Information Systemsj
MGMT0323Personnel Managements
MGMT0325Business Strategy and Policy s
MGMT0326Insurance Risk and Risk Management s
MGMT0327Small Business Institutejs
MGMT0328Advertising Techniques and Strategies s
MGMT0329Principles of Modern Bank Management s
MGMT0330Contemporary Professional Accounting rob.s
MGMT0331Advanced Accountings
MGMT0332The Money Market: Theory and Practices
MGMT0333Law and Business: Current Issues s
MGMT0334Sem.: New Venture in Business s
MGMT0335Marketing Communicationss
MGMT0336Management of Retailing Enterprises s
MGMT0337Consumer Behaviors
MGMT0338International Businesss
MGMT0350Special Topicss
MGMT0351Teaching Methods: Businesss
MGMT0398Business Internshipjs
MGMT0399Independent Studyjs