Recommended Electives

Corporate Sector Employment

  • MGMT0107 Software Applications in Mgmt.
  • CAIS0120 Computer Science/Program Design
  • ENGL0106 Principles and Applications of Grammar
  • MGMT0207 Financial Management
  • MGMT0250 Quantitative Approaches to Business Decisions
  • MGMT0312 Investments
  • MGMT0318 Advanced Managerial Finance
  • MGMT0319 Portfolio Analysis
  • PSYC0200 Organizational/Industrial Psyc
  • PSYC0205 Career Planning & Development

Public Administration/Government Sector Employment

  • MGMT0107 Software Applications in Management
  • GARP0105 Urban and Regional Planning
  • GARP0215 Economic Geography
  • GARP0315 Transportation Geography
  • POLS0204 Introduction to Public Administration
  • POLS0318 Public Management Skills
  • POLS0320 Politics of Budget-Making

Graduate Study in Economics

  • CAIS0120 Computer Science I
  • MATH0105 Calculus I
  • MATH0118 Introductory Linear Algebra