Economics Courses

Economics Courses Offered By Semester

CourseNumber Course TitleFallSpring
ECON0101Principles of MacroeconomicsXX
ECON0102Principles of MicroeconomicsXX
ECON0201Microeconomics Theory
ECON0202Macroeconomics Theory
ECON0204Introduction to Mathematical EconomicsX
ECON0300Money and BankingX
ECON0302Economic History of United StatesX
ECON0303Economics of Development
ECON0304Urban Economics
ECON0305Introduction to Econometric Methods
ECON0306Managerial EconomicsX
ECON0307Economics of Gender, Race and Ethnicity
ECON0312Labor Economics
ECON0314Industrial Organization
ECON0315Public Finance
ECON0316Economic History of Europe
ECON0318International Economics
ECON0319Development of Economic Thought
ECON0320Environmental Economics
ECON0321Natural Resource Economics
ECON0322Economics of Sports
ECON0350Current Economic Issues
ECON0398Senior Research Seminar
ECON0399Independent Study (3-6 Credits)XX
MATH0108Elementary StatisticsXX
MGMT0115Math for Business and Social ScienceXX
MGMT0207Financial ManagementXX
MGMT0328Advanced Managerial FinanceX
MGMT0338International BusinessX

If no indication of semester offered, course is then offered at discretion of department.

Economics Courses Student Sequence By Academic Year

NumberCourse TitleFreshmenSophomoreJuniorSenior
ECON0101Principles of MacroeconomicsX
ECON0102Principles of Microeconomics X
ECON0201Microeconomic TheoryXX
ECON0202Macroeconomic TheoryXX
ECON0204Introduction to Mathematical EconomicsXX
ECON0300Money and BankingXX
ECON0302Economic History of United StatesXX
ECON0303Economics of DevelopmentXX
ECON0304Urban EconomicsXX
ECON0305Introduction to Econometric Methods X
ECON0306Managerial EconomicsXX
ECON0307Economics of Gender, Race and EthnicityXX
ECON0312Labor EconomicsXX
ECON0314Industrial OrganizationXX
ECON0315Public FinanceXX
ECON0316Economic History of EuropeXX
ECON0318International EconomicsXX
ECON0319Development of Economic ThoughtXX
ECON0320Environmental Economics
ECON0321Natural Resource Economics
ECON0322Economics of Sports
ECON0350Contemporary Economic IssuesXX
ECON0398Senior Research SeminarXX
ECON0399Independent Study (3-6 credits)XX
MATH0108Elementary StatisticsX
MGMT0115Math for Business and Social ScienceX
MGMT0207Financial ManagementXX
MGMT0328Advanced Financial ManagementXX
MGMT0338International BusinessX