Division of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education

The Division of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education (DGCE) offers credit and non-credit courses throughout the year. Although these courses may not always parallel the fall/spring course offering for the Day Division, they are taught to the same level. As such, they provide an excellent opportunity for students to fulfill their educational requirements in the evening and summer school.

Day students do not get preferential treatment on enrollment. Enrollment is on a first-come-first-serve basis. However, day students are permitted to enroll in this division without additional cost, providing there is space available (no overloads are permitted).

Opportunities also exist for DGCE students to cross register into day division classes. However, matriculated students get preferential placement over other DGCE students. Seats which are not filled by day students will be made available to DGCE for placement of students desiring a day-time scheduled class.

Limited courses are offered during the Christmas break by the DGCE at Westfield State College. In addition the University of Massachusetts also offers additional courses during this period.

Before enrolling at another institution, be sure that any course you are planning to take meets the requirements of Westfield State. Once a student has matriculated in a degree program at Westfield State College, prior permission is needed for all courses taken at other institutions. Course Permission Forms and permission may be obtained by going to the Management Department Office in Wilson 410.

Individuals should consult the appropriate catalogs for current policy and fee structures.