Common Core (Westfield State College)

Prior to reviewing the recommended course schedules for the various majors and concentrations taught in the Department of Economics and Management, the student should first realize that there are curriculum requirements from three component areas.

The "Common Core"

This is the "liberal arts" portion of the educational requirements. The Common Core is a universal requirement at the college, it must be completed by all students regardless of major. The Common Core totals 40 credits.

  1. Humanities Section (18 hours required, 6 from each area)
    1. English 0101 English 0102 (required)
    2. Lit./Phil. Analysis
    3. Appreciation of the Arts
  2. Social Science Section (12 hours, 3 must be from US Hist & Govt)
    1. State &Local Govt.
    2. Macroeconomics &Microeconomics (required)
    3. Social Understanding Course
  3. Math Reasoning (6 hours required)
    1. Elementary Statistics (required)
    2. Math for Business (required)
  4. Science Section (7 hours required - 4hrs must be a "lab" science)
    1. 4-credit lab science
    2. science
  5. Diversity Section (6 hours required, 3 from each area)
    1. global section
    2. United States section