Economics and Management Department Clubs

The Department of Economics and Business sponsors the Economics, Accounting, and Business Clubs. Their purpose and function are explained in greater detail under respective headings. However, the overall intention of these clubs is to stimulate interest in their respective areas and increase exposure to 'employers and potential employment prospects for their members.

The Economics Society of Westfield State College is a student club nearly two decades old. The club sponsors guest lecturers, symposiums, and field trips. Speakers such as John Kenneth Galbraith, Richard.Valeriani, Ralph Nader, Jack Anderson, John Dean, Paul Sweezy, Jeremy Rifkin, and Stuart Eisenstat have spoken to the,club. -over the years. The Economics Society also holds seminars where students have the opportunity to present papers on current economic problems and issues. Field trips have included trips to the financial district of New York City, automobile assembly plants, etc.

The Business Club was organized in 1981 by the students majoring in Business at Westfield State College. The purpose of the club is to provide for a format for interested students to discuss the current issues in the business world. With student and faculty participation, the club strives to inform men and women about the vast opportunities for challenging and demanding careers in business.

Throughout the academic year, the club coordinates symposiums on campus with liaisons from corporations and with representatives from area businesses. Additionally, the club sponsors a two-day trip to New York City to expose students to the exciting world of Wall Street first hand! Formal dinner functions are held twice each year, which include several speakers from area firms, who share in-depth knowledge of their parent companies and information relevant to opportunities available in today's business career market. The club networks with the office of Career Planning and Placement to bring recruiting personnel to the campus.

The Accounting Club was organized in 1983 by the students majoring in Business with a concentration in accounting at the College. The purpose of this club is to promote an understanding of the profession beyond the scope of the classroom and create an environment for networking for enhanced employment opportunities.

Throughout the academic year, this club coordinates special events with key members of the accounting profession from area businesses. These accountants will make presentations on campus on various subjects such as career opportunities, pay and long range perspectives for the accounting discipline. Additionally, Westfield State College is a student affiliate for the National Association of Accountants for the Western Massachusetts Chapter.

Annually, the club conducts a dinner meeting for its members and Executives from the business community to further enhance its members' exposure to prospective employers. The club also maintains liaison with Westfield State College Alumni.