The Bachelor of Science in Business Management


The Business Management major provides an analytical framework for decision making in the business world, plus today's job market. Coursework includes consideration of moral and cultural constraints and issues regarding diversity. The program addresses international issues in an integrative approach throughout the curriculum. Each course, where appropriate, considers the effect of global, cultural, and ethical issues on the particular problem under consideration. Course work also presents students with a broad perspective of managerial decision making, integrating various fields of business such as marketing, finance, accounting, and management. This integrative approach is solidified in the program's final capstone courses: Business Strategy and Policy, and International Business.

Admission to Major

Admission to the Business Management major is competitive. Students are expected to have developed competencies in Economics, Accounting, Math and Statistics, Oral and Written Communications, and Computer Software Applications. These courses should be completed by the end of the students' second year of study. Upon successful completion of the necessary pre-requisites, Business Management majors select a concentration and begin courses work specifically focused on their area(s) of interest.


There are five primary areas of concentration within Business Management: Accounting, Aviation, Finance, Management, and Marketing. While students need only satisfy one of these area's requirements, there is no prohibition on taking courses from more than one concentration. In fact, many of the concentrations allow for such interchange, and students may find that they can tailor a concentration that fits their particular career goals.