Aviation Concentration Flight Portion

|| Freshmen || Sophmore || Junior || Senior ||

Recommended Course Sequence

Fall Semester Spring Semester
  • ENGL0101 Eng. Comp. I
  • MATH0108 Math for Bus and Soc Science
  • ECON0101 Macro. Econ.
  • MGMT0130 Private Pilot Ground School
  • MGMT0122 Primary Flight I (1cr)
  • MGMT0123 Primary Flight II (1cr)
  • ENGL0102 Eng. Comp. II
  • MGMT0107 Software App.
  • ECON0102 Micro. Econ.
  • MGMT0124 Primary Flight III (1cr)
  • MGMT0108 Statistics
  • CCC

MGMT0107, MATH0115, MATH0108, ECON0101, and ECON0102 may be taken at any time during freshman year, but must be completed prior to sophomore year.

Primary Flight I, II, &III course material and syllabus approved by FAA under FAR Part 141. This sequence of courses will cover the entire year and not necessarily be completed in the semester as indicated above.

The student objective is to complete all three during the freshman year. Students not interested in flight would not take Primary I

Fall Semester Spring Semester
  • MGMT0104 Prin. Acct. I
  • MGMT0243 Aviation Law
  • ENGL0103 Speech
  • Physics I
  • MGMT0262 Instrument Rating Ground School
  • MTMT0105 Prin. Acct. II
  • ENGL0392 Bus/Tech Writing
  • MGMT0261 Aviation History &Development
  • MGMT0263Instrument Rating
  • CCC

The sequence of Statistics, Speech, and Business and Technical Writing can be in either semester, but all must be completed prior to the third year.

Fall Semester Spring Semester
  • MGMT0207 Fin. Mgt.
  • MGMT0231 Marketing Mgt.
  • MGMT0323 Commercial Pilot Ground. School (3cr.)
  • CCC
  • CCC
  • MGMT0250 Quant. App. To Bus. Dec.
  • MGMT0324Commercial Pilot Flight Training
  • CCC
  • CCC
  • CCC

Fall Semester Spring Semester
  • MGMT0397 Aviation Internship
  • MGMT0220 Prod/Ops Mgt.
  • MGMT0338 International Business
  • CCC
  • GE
  • MGMT0325 Business Pulicy/Strategy
  • MGMT0261 Aviation Mgt
  • CCC
  • CCC
  • GE

CCC = College Common Core Credits

GE = General Elective Credits

Additional ratings such as Certified Flight Instructor and Multi-Engine Ratings are available to students but are not required for completion of the degree program.