Panel discussion on

Credit Crisis of 2008

October 9, 2008

Organized by

Department of Economics and Management

Westfield State College


A Primer on Mortgage Backed Securities

The entire presentation is available as a PowerPoint file without any voice narration. You may download this file by clicking on the link below.

Entire Presentation without voice narration

The recorded voice presentation is about 1 hour long. It has been broken up into sections to reduce the file size. Click on any part to hear the recorded presentation.

Slides 1-8 with voice narrative; Slides 9-14 with voice narrative; Slides 15 - 19 with voice narrative; Slides 20 - 24 with voice narrative

Slides 25 - 33 with voice narrative

Other Panelists

Professor Kathryn Sullivan On Derivatives and CDS

External Links

Untangling Credit Default Swaps  on the National Public Radio website