Economics and Management

The mission of the Department of Economics and Management at Westfield State University is to provide a high quality program of undergraduate education in the areas of business management and economics to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the surrounding area. As a public institution of higher education, we focus on serving students seeking a high quality education at an affordable price. As a small, selective program, we are able to satisfy students who desire individualized attention. Our program prepares students to be successful and productive members of any organization they join, enables them to contribute to the greater good of society, and provides them a framework to continue expanding and learning throughout their personal and professional lives.

In pursuit of this goal, we provide a fundamental grounding in a core body of knowledge as laid out in the college's common core. This exposure to liberal studies and cultural diversity is complemented by our departmental business core requirements. The management program provides an analytical framework for decision making and problem solving in today's business world along with the requisite business skills. The economics program provides a sound analytical foundation for students while facilitating insight into regional, national, and international economic issues. Additionally, students focus their studies by concentrating in various functional areas. The intent of these concentrations is to allow flexibility and variety so that students are able to develop an individualized portfolio of skills that meets their educational and professional objectives.

To obtain information about the Economics and Management Department please contact:

Department Chair

Administrative Assistant


Rebecca J. Morris
Wilson 414

(413) 572-8475



Carmen Marquez
Wilson Hall W-414
t: (413) 572-5590
f: (413) 572-8787